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17 Days Video Series 2018

Day 1 – Trailer for Nation for Two – TRT 15:16



This piece was a strange film that revived an old nostalgic memory through the use of stop motion and pixalation. The animation was well planned having consistent lighting and movement. The ending had quite a twist, I was unable to decipher it’s symbolism. Perhaps it meant nothing to the viewer but had meaning for the creators.

Day 2 – Earth’s Move (What happens when you breathe) – TRT 2:33



This piece explored abstract experimental animation. The footage of the animation appeared really raw since it was produced digitally. The style of experimental animation is similar to that of John Whitney but a bit more simple. They somewhat use John Whitney’s formula of pattern and dissonance to create pleasing visuals.

Day 3 – Video Calibration – TRT 25:09



Honestly, I have no idea how to interpret this film. It’s so abstract to the point that I’m unsure of what I’m watching or what’s going on. Whether this confusion was purposely integrated into this film is beyond me.

Day 4 – The Dying Pigeon – TRT 3:33



This piece was rather odd but unique in a sense. Its a small 2 minute looping video about pigeons being personified with human voices and deep thought. They were being featured in a city which was filmed in black and white giving the film an antique feel. Each shot of the composition felt well thought out as it went well with the dialogue of the pigeons. Overall this piece was interesting and entertaining within it’s premise.

Day 5 – Crocevia (Crossroads) – TRT 8:14



This piece was more geared towards the emotions that the sounds would create accompanied by blurry colorful visuals. The sounds begin loud and the visuals move back and forth enveloping the viewer with an anxious feeling of what’s to come. The sounds calm down as your now able to see the faint outline of a girl playing in the grass. The sound of water and nature become louder and soothes the viewer from the initial suffocating noises. It’s an overall interesting piece, but does not suit my taste.

Day 6 – A Walk Alone – TRT 9:11



This piece provided a wild experience as the filmmaker footage warped and shifted creating a disorienting view of the world. Everything looks pristine and surreal that it easy to get lost within every scene of the video.

Day 7 – Poppies Will Put Her to Sleep – TRT 3:58



Day 8 – The wind here is always soothing – TRT 8:27



The images and slow motion movement of the clothing each woman wears creates a mystical tone that envelops the viewer as each of them begin to speak. The dress and the manner of speaking must contribute to some kind of overarching theme or moral that I’m unable to interpret. The diversity in the film is beautiful as well as the soft spoken but rigid sentences that each person utters.

Day 9 – Thirty Masks – TRT 1:17



This piece used colors and compositions that were simple and aesthetically pleasing to view. A lot of the animation appears to be rotoscopes of woman doing several gestures while having parts of their body animated in abstraction. The contrast between the real and surreal elements create a unique harmony that constitutes its overall aesthetic.

Day 10 – And Suddenly – You Realize – TRT 2:32



Another odd piece, this one was created through over composting footage and running it through various filters and overlapping them to create this ghost like effect. The feeling of this film reminds me of films that used optical printing in order to achieve the surreal effects of the overlapping blending modes.

Day 11 – 5-9 – TRT 27:18



Day 12- Carnaval – TRT 3:01



This experimental animation reminds me of Oskar Fischinger’s work after arriving to America. Of course this piece was made through digital means but nonetheless it bares similar animation. Despite the assets for the animation being in 2-D, the animation feels 3-D since it has shadows and movement on z axis.

Day 13 – Important Notice – TRT 5:01



This piece was rather unpleasant to watch. The colors were oversaturated and images were badly cropped and merged into one composition. The audio is bizarre yet suites the weird abstractness of this piece.

Day 14 – Piorun Stanislaw from Brudnow – TRT 4:00



The quality and depth of this film is beautiful. The narrative deepens the mysterious atmosphere that the corroded objects of the film create.

Day 15 – Letter I – TRT 2:01



The approach for this animation must of have been time consuming since it was made through traditional means. The animation was most likely made through the use of chemicals that distort and warp the coloring on the celluloid used for recording the film. This film reminds me of Len lye’s work as he was known for practicing direct animation.

Day 16 – Passenger – TRT 5:20


DIGITAL TRAUMA (And the Crystal Image) – TRT 8:00

Couldn’t watch film.


Couldn’t watch film.


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